I am on a mission to practice more self love and focus on peace and positivity.

I’ve been at this blog for over a year now. Some things have changed and some are the same. Just because I turned the calendar doesn’t mean I am going to miraculously begin a different life. Some things will continue to stay the same, and some will change drastically. I realize that.

I thought about writing a blog for years, and I finally got the confidence (and enough encouragement) to do it. It began with a desire to write more, find some inner peace, and get through life. It has changed me in some ways over the past year, made me realize some facts of life, and has helped me cope with certain situations in ways I cannot always explain. I believe it has made me stronger and more open at times, more observant and realistic at others.

This blog started out trying to mend some of what’s broken. It has been geared toward self help, stress relief, helping others, finding passion and helping others find theirs. It’s about a lot of what I love…recipes, cooking, my latest love of making dog treats, feel goods, essential oils, finding peace in the Lord, and all the avenues that help me on a weekly basis. It’s about everything I love, everything that’s therapeutic, finding inner peace and helping others find theirs.

In 2018, my world was turned upside down, and my path has taken all sorts of detours I never imagined would be on my life road map. I have learned so much about myself, my family, friends, having hope, finding peace, and being a mom, wife, friend, caregiver, inspiration and anything else life can transform a person to be. My purpose has become something I never envisioned it would be. Something bigger. Something more powerful.

It has been a roller coaster ride, affecting me mentally and physically in more ways than I ever wanted to admit and ways many cannot imagine.

However, I am different than I was a year ago, and now I want my blog to turn the corner with me. It served a purpose over the last year, and now I want it to serve another one. I want to focus on myself and what makes me happy, share tips to help others, share recipes more often and maybe do a video or two. I want to focus on one day at a time, take life in stride and trust the Lord has me on the path I am suppose to be on.

Cheers to self love, happiness, peace and positivity.