Love your life and do what makes you happy!

I have been at this blog thing for awhile now. It has definitely helped me grow and transition into another stage of my life. Learning some self love, not settling for ANYTHING less than I want, and doing all the things I love. Some things have changed and some are the same, but I am becoming a better person every day.

My road has been one with twists and turns I never envisioned. My journey took a sharp turn in a direction I wasn’t expecting. I don’t have everything in life figured out, but I am pushing forward. I am getting my bearings and finding my way. What it was meant to be is not how it began, and what I want it to be, well, I’m working on that.

Recipes and cooking, quotes, words, and feel goods. Self love, food, and a little about life. But, mostly it’s about what I want it to be. Where my happiness or contentment is found on each particular day.

In 2018, my world was turned upside down, and my path has taken all sorts of detours I never imagined would be on my life road map. I have learned so much about life and the lessons it has taught me on being better at the many roles I play.

My roller coaster keeps moving, but I have learned to take the turns one at a time. To have faith. To trust in what I cannot see.

Cheers to self love, good food, words to live by, and all the feels.