Fall is in the Air

As summer comes to a close, the fall season hits with pumpkin spice lattes, mums, gourds, and pumpkin bread. The crisp mornings will bring oranges, reds, and gold as the leaves dance to the ground in the cool breeze. There’s something sad about the end of summer, but at the same time, awakening as the morning temps bring some relief from the heat, and we find excitement in what fall brings us.
Football, fairs, fall festivals, hot apple cider, and apple pie. The pumpkin spice craze hits, and we yearn for chili dinners, bonfires, and hayrides. There’s not much we don’t love about the season.
As welcoming as it is for several reasons, fall reminds me how it’s also the end. The end of summer vacations, the gardening season, the end of pool days, the leaves on the trees, and summer annuals in bloom. The leaves die, leaving the trees naked, and the greenery turns brown. I find it ironic as fall signals an end to the colorful landscapes and goodbyes to summer fun. It also signals many other personal changes as I navigate uncharted territory.
I find myself grieving it all and my life as it once was. In ways many may not understand, summer took a piece of me I will never get back. But, life moves on to another season, and there are no words for the past. Fall is in the air, and life goes on without stopping.
Fall recipes, favorite things, and God’s blessings will abound. Soak up every second with me as we enjoy the view.