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It’s 2:30 in the morning. That’s my mind’s favorite time to be awake. What’s yours?

I don’t know how others are feeling, but I have an idea many of you are feeling a little uneasy, stressed, uncertain about how the coming weeks are going to play out. Yeah, I feel you.

I have so much on my mind lately I don’t know where to start. I frantically fumble through my thoughts sometimes in the evening, wondering if I have forgotten anything I was supposed to do today. Pay a bill, make an appointment, pick up a prescription. Not to mention the something even more important than all of that.

Seriously, I stop and hold my breath some nights as I file through my mind, wondering what I missed. It’s exhausting some days. And, on those days I walk around until I catch myself, with my shoulders tensed up and my neck in knots.

On these days particularly, I hear my doctor’s voice in my head reminding me I’m ruining my health. Lately, I’ve realized I’m probably ruining someone else’s health because they are worrying about me.

I hate that. I really will be fine.

As if life wasn’t overpowering me already. Why does all hell have to break loose at once?

I keep telling myself I’m going to do meditation tomorrow so I can make myself relax. Tomorrow, I am promising myself. Tomorrow, I will follow through.

It’s hard to stay positive and not let all the negative consume us. And sadly, I’m finding it extremely difficult to do in the midst of a pandemic. It’s all everyone talks about or posts about, and I need a break from it. I am already consumed with the cancer fight. That’s a full plate.

I decided this past weekend I need to step away from social media except for dealing with my blog. It’s the best thing to do for my sanity and well being. This virus talk is making me a little unsettled, especially the rants.

Stop making it political people. No one in our lifetime has another politician to compare to how they did in this situation because we haven’t lived through a pandemic. Sorry, but there’s not an instruction book on it. So STOP making it political, it’s not!

Instead, PRAY and count your blessings. Life could be so much worse.

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